ice cream making and ranting

Friday, October 29, 2004

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

now that halloween is almost here the christmas season has started. i'm not refering to the decorations and ornaments that have been creeping in since july. but this week i went to rite-aid for some pumpkin ice cream and there it was. the beginning of the christmas acohol displays. and this year i'm going to be smart about it. i'm going to assess my needs for the entire year, and unless it's something i really, really, really want, i'm only going to buy alcohol that comes with prizes.

i certainly need some prizes to cheer me up now, because i lost the halloween costume contest. so freaking lame, i lost $50 to someone dressed like a homeless person. i should really quit my job now, because i don't want to be surrounded people who reward ugly over cute.

here's a link to my sister wearing the costume, from some nice stranger boy

also, i didn't win the "guess how many m&m's are in the jar" contest. i was all mathmatical about it too. but apparently i over estimated how many m&ms would fit into a square inch. i guessed 1500 and it was really 1250.


Monday, October 25, 2004

Christmas list

so, ummm. for those of you who want to get me a christmas present and have an extra, oh, $150,000 lying around. I'll take this

and be sure to check out the other auctions. i also like the chandelier and the gown.

you'd have to really like the celebrities to want the crappy coloring book pages they're calling art though.
Hello Kitty Auctions

Also, if you go to your local target store there's a good chance you'll be able to purchase a newly repackaged hello kitty toaster and something i'd never seen before, a hello kitty milkshake maker.

Friday, October 22, 2004

A chicken walks into the library

It goes up to the circulation desk and says: "book, bok, bok, boook".

After reading through a page of what the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions "Library Humor" web page, I've realized that librarians aren't very funny. but that chicken joke really made me laugh out loud for some reason. I blame it on the giddy relief that I finally finished my paper and I don't have anything due for 2 weeks.

It's better than the armadillo joke, that most people know as the horse joke

An aramadillo walks into a bar. the bartender says "why the long face?"

(i don't know why the bartender aways "says" and never "asks")

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


so i had a bit of a brain lapse. i'm sure it was just the panic of having a paper due. but now that i'm thinking clearly, i don't need the website to be up. i can just use google's cached pages.

and librarians don't think google is the answer to everything! they often don't even think it's the best way to search for many things. i don't know what's wrong with them.

long live google!

when i get some free time i'm going to send them an email thanking them.

This page cannot be displayed

The ALA website is down. I need it to work, because I have to cite it extensively for my paper due on friday. I've gotten numerous error messages besides the usual "Cannot find server" page.

Some of the error messages mention there are too many users etc. And I have visions of everyone in my class reloading pages and pages, all trying to write their papers, but instead crashing the ALA server. Please tell me this is not possible.

Meanwhile, I'm just making up stuff to put in my paper. Hopefully I'll be able to verify its accuracy sometime soon:

RUSA is good. It is part of the ALA. They like books and reference and adult services. Adult services being the opposite of childrens services, not, like, sex. You should join. It will cost a total of $145 a year. but you get free magazines.

update: now that the website is working again, this is the real paragraph I was trying to reproduce. i wasn't making up that stuff:

The division's mission states that it "is responsible for stimulating and supporting in every type of library the delivery of reference and information services to all groups, regardless of age..." Having the phrase "adult services" in its name suggests that children and youth are not included in its mission. There was also concern that the term "adult services" may not speak very clearly to people outside of the division.

Cutest diet ever!


Not that exciting, just a little cute really.

These lions in a bucket are much cuter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Workday amusement

Poor Jaime from Portugal has a very, very loose grasp on the english language, yet writes very long, complicated emails that he expects me to understand.

One of the things he does is call me Mrs. Cynthia. He addresses everyone by title and first name. I'm not going to correct the customer on a trivial thing like this, especially when I'll never meet him. And really, it's more important that he knows to just use my first name, or to use my last name with a title. But after months of this, the other lady handling his account sent him this email without my knowledge:

Hi Jaime,

Cynthia is "Ms" and not "Mrs.", she's not married yet, she's only 20 something :-)
T [name deleted] :-)

so Jaime responded:

Dar Mrs T

Thank you for our alert.
She is young and pretty, thats correct?:-))

Please this Sales Order send by FEDEX, please

and she responded

Yep... CORRECT!!!! And NO PROBLEM, we will use FEDEX.
Thanks :-))))

I think I'm this close to having a portugese boyfriend now! I think that's how it works in that country.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty turns 30

the picture in today's newspaper isn't online, but it's nothing you haven't seen before. we all know hello kitty has a lot of merchandise. but this link is to prove that i wasn't making it up when i said that hello kitty doesn't need a mouth...she speaks from her heart

Monday, October 18, 2004

24 Hours on Craigslist

Maybe I'm out of the know, but this is news to me. I wonder if I'll ever be able to see it.


I'm not a huge fan of ponchos, but I'm a big fan of the fact that since they're super popular now, and they look pretty much just like shawls, I can wear my shawls and not feel like my grandma.

The research that went into this article though, that's devotion to your hatred.

Friday, October 15, 2004


so, i've never posted a link to slashdot before... but, they're talking about neopets !

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Do you know what sucks about about take home midterms? It give me lots and lots of time to site here and over analzye everything. In a timed midterm you have an hour or so and you have to give it your best shot and move on to the next question, and you understand that everyone else is also taking only 1 hr to do their thing. I've been agonizing over this thing for 3 days. I have it mostly thought out on paper, and mostly just have to transfer it to the computer and make it complete sentences. But it may never get that far, because I'm questioning every word. I didn't used to be this way. What is wrong with me??

Do you know the good thing about take home midterms? I don't have to memorize a damn thing!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I look like Halloween Hello Kitty

I got dressed today in a black skirt, black tights and new dark purple long sleeved shirt. Then I realized you could see the outline of my bra, so rather than start over from the bottom, I just added a black t shirt on top. And now I look like Halloween Hello Kitty. And I don't know if that's good or bad. You can't tell from the picture, but there really is purple in the fabric.


This should really just be an email to Kenny and Stephanie:

Saturday I went out for drinks in Hermosa. I was in no mood to go to one of the super trendy, packed with beach kids bars though. So I ended up at Fat Faced Fenners Fishshack. Unfortunately they were no longer serving food. I got a quick look at a menu, and it seemed good and reasonable, especially considering it's half a block from the ocean.

As for the Saturday night bar scene, it was fine. The crowd didn't seem to like personal space though. Because everyone was crammed into certain places, while other perfectly good places were completely empty. Maybe they knew something I didn't know?

So, we staked a place out in an empty corner, where we could see the people milling about, standing in line at the other bars, quite happy that we had seats. And I didn't even mind too much when some weird 34 yr old came over to us, and tried to engage us in really unengaging conversation.

I wasn't in a beer mood on sat. but I did notice that they keep Pyramid Hefeweizen on tap, and as far as I'm concerned, you can't ask for a better accessory to fried fish than that. So, I'm definitely interested in going in the daytime for food. maybe the weekend of the 23rd? maybe the weather will be bad, and there'll actually be decent parking too.

Monday, October 11, 2004


I swear I was trying to do my midterm but my cocktail book just fell open, and this sounds so good:

1.5T vodka
4 strawberries
1.5T coconut cream
2T rich chocolate ice cream

add all the ingredients to a liquidizer with cracked ice and blend for 20 seconds or so, until the strawberries are quite pulverized. Strain into a chilled rocks glass. garnish with another strawberry.

It might take quite a few of those to get drunk off of, but boy would it be a pleasant time! mini milkshakes all around!

Purse dogs

My other new obsession, a week or so older than this new internet fridge thing is dog purses, and then purse dogs.

you know i like my animals on the side of retarded,, cats with 4 ears, neopets etc. and i don't even like dogs, but when they're like cats, or completely retarded looking i do. and at the avocado festival, there was the retardest dog i'd ever seen in real life. it was all weird and furry like a dog slipper. this gave me hope that one day i would find my own retarded runt dog to love and carry in a purse.

unfortunately no one who i've told about my new purse dog obsession thinks i'd make a good dog owner. they all pretty much think that one day i'd bring my dog home, leave him zipped in a purse for like a day, and he'd die, because it was retarded to begin with and needs special care.
so maybe there's service where you can rent purse dogs. Like a library, they'd just sit on their shelves in their purses and you could check on out for the afternoon and bring him back. surely there must be money in that somehow. like a purse dog petting zoo or something?

As far as Zack's nintendo dogs go, they're just retarded enough for me to like. And virtual pet interaction has always interested me, I have no idea how i escaped through the furby craze without owning a single one.

Internet fridge!

I have much more stuff to write, but really for the past 2 hours the
most important thing on my mind was that my mom made me go to best buy
to measure some freezers for her, and there it was, the first internet
fridge I'd ever seen in real life.

Now, had I not known what an internet fridge was, I would have just
walked right by, because the stupid thing didn't have any sort of
information attached to it, not even the price. But what matters is
that it is in the store now, and isn't still some concept for the

This internet fridge seemed to not have the features I care about, such
as a camera inside, so you can find out what's in the fridge without
opening the door, and also i looked high and low and i didn't see the
bar code reader that is supposed to remind you when you're low on
something, and then (this is where the internet comes in) it askes you
if you want to buy it, and the sends the order to the store (which
store? i have no idea)

This fridge had a rather fancy panel for water and ice dispensing on
the freezer side, and on the fridge side there was a removable device
that i imagine was a touch screen. and you can use it as a calender and
to write notes and other pda type functions. or at least that was what
i could gather from the fake screen that had up. If there was a book I
could tell you more. I believe this is the fridge I saw.

that one features:
-dowloading recipes from the internet
-playing music
-a virtual fridge where you enter every item you have (this sounds like
an awful lot of work for no reason)
-the ability to sync up all of the rest of your internet appliances
-Bar code reader coming soon

Okay, so the current version of the internet fridge really isn't any bettter than having a computer near your kitchen and a paper calendar. but in the future, I'm sure I won't be able to live without it. Yea internet fridge!! yea! If any of you get one before I do, please can Icome over and play with your fridge?

Friday, October 08, 2004

I've been sleeping really soundly, not remembering my dreams ever since I got my fabulous new pillow. But, I had this dream last night, and no one who reads my blog regularly knows any of these people. but, oh well. actually, maybe it's because the people involved don't read my blog...

It was my birthday, lack luster as usual. but somehow Jill finds me at my grandma's house, and we walk around the block to the street behind hers. Beth and Ryan were supposed to be hiding on the balcony, but I spotted me. Ryan noticed and said Beth "oh, now you've ruined the surprise party." and i'm totally flattered, since no one throws me surprise parties. but i somehow manage to get upstairs to the balcony without going through the house. So me, Jill, maybe Shyam, Beth and Ryan are sitting on the balcony with me. there's no big "Surprise!" and people jumping out from behind couches and stuff. Somehow I gather that a handful of my high school friends are there, inside, but only Beth, Ryan and Jill are on the balcony talking to me. I vaguely remember there being some kind of party food. but no cake.

Now I want cake.

You'll never live like common people

Contrary to what my lack of postings may have you believe, I'm not dead. I've just actually been busy at work, and since the purpose of my blog is to relieve my boredom at work, posting hasn't been necessary. But I miss it. I hope it doesn't become an obsession.

I heard a cover of Pulp's common people, (it's almost 10 yrs old, i'm freaking old!) this week and i though "Hmm, that sounds like William Shatner, why would a band do that?" Then I heard it again this morning, so I looked it up, turns out it is William Shatner. It's not good, but kinda amusing the first few times. Good old Bill has a new album.

Poor Bill, first sharing priceline, now a new album that no one will buy. I'm still saving my money for a sale on Lizzie McGuire total party.

In other Hilary Duff news, her performing arts school movie comes out today. Anyone want to come watch it with me in a few weeks when it comes to the $3 theater? I'd like to see if it's even worse than the cinderella movie.