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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This is totally fake


The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

I totally thought that National Treasure crap would turn out to be fake. I was sure on opening day the energizer bunny would start stomping through the commercials. Certainly i didn't expect it to be #1. Much the way i don't believe in Applebees, I still don't believe in that movie.

But a freaking TNT movie. Please tell me that i'm too tired, and can't spot the tell tale signs of a hoax. because this movie can't exist.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Rate My Teachers

see how your favorite teachers stack up.

jacket potatos

I tried to be good this weekend, and i got a signifigant amount of work done, but not really as much as i should have. Also i'm not as young as i used to be and my eyes start to hurt from too much sitting in front of my computer, somehow i can still watch tv though.
My homework was interrupted thurs night so i could watch the apprentice people come up with crappy advertising for an even crappier soda. but what i didn't realize was that i had already missed the first hour of the samanta, american girls movie. i saw plenty during apprentice commercials though. it was a little too heartwarming for me. and a little familiar, wasn't there a simpsons episode where lisa enters an american speech contest but then gives a different speech or something after she finds out about corruption or something? yeah, so did samantha. but lisa never made her family adopt 3 little sickly orphan children.

saturday morning i got stuck watching hi hi puffy amiyumi. i though last week was fast paced with 3 stories in the half hr show. somehow, they managed to stick 4 stories into the half hour this week, plus the real girls playing basketball. that's what makes it good. brevity. this week ami, or yumi, i still don't knwo which one is the pink on and which one is the blue one gets a job in the circus to make extra money to buy fancy cakes for the anniversary of the band, or band-iversary, as they call it. It's adorable right up until the lion eats the annoying manager.

Saturday night, i wasn't planning on watching tv, but somehow i ended up watching an hour pbs show on the royal kitchen. and not just in the palace, but the one in scottland and the one on their boat too. those people are a little strange. but the highlight was finding out what a jacket potato was! it's real food, not some neopets thing. apparently it's like a twice baked potato, a potato cut in half with the potato part scooped out, and then mashed and piped back in. but then you add other things to it. one of princess di's favorite foods was a poached egg jacket potato. apparently this was not considered a very high class food. also, for laughs the young ones would order in fish and chips and eat it in front of the tv. the elders didn't really approve, and so the chef showed his version of fish and chips. it involved panko (or the british equivalant of panko) and looked super good. and they say british food is bad. not if you're royal.

and speaking of being royal. oh my gosh, i'm so glad after next week i'll be out of school until jan 26. because i'm going to need to devote all my time and energy to this show Love is in the Heir . They follow some spoiled princess around and it's better than the simple life. she's really a princess of something. but she moved out to la to make it big as a country singer. (why she thinks la is the place to become a country singer, i just don't know) but she's been screwing around for too long, and her parents are going to cut her off if she doesn't either come back to london or show that she's doing something useful in America and find a suitable, noble fiancee. I don't know what's wrong with princess ann, but i'll totally take her spot doing princess things. Hopefully she's better at princess things then she is at country music, because she's going to have to knight quite a few people to get a record contract the way she sings...

now if i can only keep away from the tv, and away from neopets for the rest of the semester i'll be ok. but the advent calendar starts wed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Library school update

way too much to do before dec 6. please don't call me dec 7 there's a good chance i'll be drunkly, incoherently celebrating

Well, it finally happened. The class that I kept turning in lower and lower quality work, and continuted to get 100% in finally showed me. Really, i turned in such a bad paper. it interested me, but unfortunately i couldn't devote the time to it to make it good. also, it didn't need to be good because of the class standards...

i checked my grade i got 14/15 instead of full credit. 93%. still above the average. how will i ever survive.

at least i know that i can't turn in pure dreck for my final paper. i hope i have the time to make something halfway decent. i'm counting on this paper censorship in libraries/ book banning/challenging to be written and rewritten over my library career.

now all i have to do is fill my database with stuff that i never learned how to do, and i'll pass the semester

not that i'm complaining, but i don't understand my grades at all. they would so have failed me out of berkeley if i turned in the same work.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It's always comforting to know other people are the same

The Hammer in Spain Is Plainly to Ease the Strain

This story couldn't be more timely for you, my dear blog friends.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Everyone I know is currently gainfully employed, gainfully a student, or both. I have no slacker out of works friends left. There is no one who can make an emergency run to target for me, for a certain thing i've been coveting that is currently in stock. i know they've lied to me before, but i really want to believe them.

i've never felt so trapped at work! Currently I look fabulous. I'm wearing a black suit, pearls and fantastically uncomfortably shoes. we're taking our christmas card picture today, and then going out to lunch. this means i can't even run out during lunch.
I'm on the verge of calling my friends' parents, or my mom's friends. But i think i'm not that crazy, so far.

This is growing up, eh? having to be responsible and stay at work? bleah. Back in Berkeley I know my supervisor would encourage me to take some time out to run to the store. She'd probably push me out the door.

Expect a post about grammar sometime in the future, but here's another great tidbit from my office:
We need to take one more time the photo because each photo here someone got the head hidded.


4:30 update: those people at target are filthy liars. if i don't get results tomorrow i'm going to cry. then i'm going to riot.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I don't know what's wrong with these kids.

It's because Colorado was a red state, huh? Because there is something seriously wrong with a 13 year old boy who tattles about free porn. The first time I ever saw a playboy was in middle school when some ptherwise very dumb boys figured out how to take the cover off their video game magazine and affix it to playboy. And really, if you listen to the media, the 13 year olds are just a experienced as porn stars, giving away blow jobs and STDs left and right.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Jones update

On friday i didn't even want the Jones Soda Holiday pack. It sounded bad, very bad. And add the artificial sweetener on top of that, drinking mashed potatos might make me want to die.

But now I want it more than anything, because it's impossible to get. Maybe not more than anything, but certianly more than i want a pony. So impossible. According to one person at the MB store yesterday, no stores in calif recieved their shipment. I called the same store back and someone said they don't have the shelf space, and won't carry it. Yesterday I visited Torrance, and no one had ever heard of it. So i called them today and the guy said he's working on getting it. Meanwhile i called Gardena yesterday, and the guy assured me that he had it, and there were lots. But he was a big fat liar. The store never had it, and as of a phone call today, they don't know if they'll get it or not.

I'll make all the calls again around 4:30. and tomorrow morning i might start calling Target stores that are not close to me at all. Seriously, I'm ready to start a riot. all for a soda that costs way too much and that i don't even want.

i need some new hobbies besides coveting.

Also, what is wrong with you people? I feel so unloved. No one wants to come to my tenative party? We'll see if you guys get any of my turkey soda!


4:30 update. i was on the phone for 15 mins and at least 5 very unhelpful people who had nothing to tell me. things don't look good for the state of california. are the evil red states hijacking our shipments?? something to look into.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

A Poll: Please respond

let's try this:

I'm thinking about having a new year's eve party.

who would be around, and able to come?

if you're reading this, and i know you, you're invited. if you don't have a blogger account, please remember to include your name when commenting.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Green Bean Casserole (the liquid kind)

The jones soda ceo guy was on the radio this morning. The DJs were talking to him, and they tried the soda live on the radio. It's a bad as we all imagine according to them. and mashed potatos are by far the worst.

I'm completely in love with artificial flavor technology. When i read fast food nation, i wasn't really appalled by anything. I pretty much knew that slaughter houses were bad places already. But what i didn't know was how advanced artificial flavor has gotten. They still have things to work on, most notably artificial sugar, butter and vanilla. I wish i took a few chemistry classes and could have put myself down the path for becoming a home economist or a food scientist, because they have the technology, just not discriminating enough taste.

Anyway, the Jones guy said it would appear at Target in "our market" on monday. I don't know if this means southern california, california, the west coast, america... I guess I'll have to go to target on monday. maybe i'll buy some to sell on ebay. apparently that's pretty profitible.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Green Bean Casserole (not the liquid kind)

I am most definitely American, and most definitely Californian. I have very American and Californian views. And while I try to appreciate other cultures, and understand their ways of life. Some days you just can't help pointing, staring and being really, really confused.

This girl at work, she's 22, grew up in.. hmm, i can't remember... the middle east somewhere. moved here like 1 year before high school. she speaks perfect english, with only a small hint of a foreign accent every now and then. She speaks 3 languages well, and dabbles in others. I always forget she's not American though. Then yesterday she comes to me, because she knows I like to cook. She is seriously freaking out, because she's having a thanksgiving potluck that night with her friends from college, and she's been assigned to bring green bean casserole. Not some fancy ass green bean casserole, the one from campbells. She's never had it before, she never heard of it, and she especially hasn't heard of the French's fried onions that you need to make it. And I tried to calm her down. I would have taken her to the store myself, but she leaves work 1 hr before me. I explained to her how to procure all the ingredients from the store, and that all you have to do is dump everying into a casserole dish and stir it. I told her it was easier than macaroni and cheese from a box, because everything is already cooked, but she could not be calmed. I got a call from her at the grocery store. She managed to find a green bean casserole kit, and was a a bit more confident, but still worried. But she made it, and it turned out fine, and next time she said she's going to try making it from "scratch", meaning she'd have to brave the aisles and gather the can of soup, cans of green beans and can/pouch of onions herself.

I know that my mom is 100% American and we ate all the foods that the brand names said to eat. I know when I was little i ate many more casseroles than my friends who had foreign born parents. My mom loves to cook, but hates to experiment with anything new, or seemingly complicated. She gets mad when i don't folow recipes exactly. I know we were a little sheltered, but never in my life did i bother to think about the majority of the world who, when forced to come up with something quickly for a healthy dinner does not reach into the pantry for a can of campbells soup, pour it over some kind of meat and some kind of starch, cook and serve. There's a whole world out there who doesn't eat green bean casserole for thanksgiving. They don't even celebrate thanksgiving. I went out to lunch with my department yesterday, out of 8 people, I was the only one who had a real (American) thanksgiving!

As much as I hate to admit it right now, I have much more in common with those red states than people outside the US. I bet they all cook like my mom (who didn't vote for Bush).

Does Canada have green bean casserole for their thanksgiving? I'll have to look into it.

Apple pie, baseball and green bean casserole, great American traditions (minus the baseball of course)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hardly a consolation

If you're a democrat and a jerk, you'll like this

Monday, November 08, 2004

Oh my gosh!

They've added a few new hello kitty auctions from last time i checked including this amazing piano !!!

I shouldn't be wasting time, I really need to do my database assignment, but it's so boring and complicated.

Yesterday I finally decided I would sit down an get a chunk of work done, but it was free premium channel preview weekend on dish network, and you can't expect me to not watch a movie called "nico the unicorn" This movie is about a boy with a bum leg who buys a pony from/ therefore saving the pony from some evil carnie. and it turns out the pony is pregnant, and it gives birth to a unicorn. somehow the kid doesn't find it strange at all. and he starts reading the requisite lore about only the pure of heart can posses a unicorn...Then the pony dies protecting the baby unicorn from a mountain lion. and in like 3 days the unicorn goes from being a baby to being full grown. and you can't keep a full grown unicorn a secret in a small town, and the evil kids take a picture and try to sell it to the newspaper. and that's not good for anyone. so the boy has to take to the mountains with his unicorn. since the kid is crippled he's not allowed to ride horses/ponies/unicorns, but he does, and in order to swing his leg over, he has to take off the brace. and as the unicorn rears up on his hind legs he smashes the discarded braces to pieces. meanwhile they've got the police, the evil kids, the evil gun toating carnie and the mom all on the trail. of course they make it to the top, where there's some kind of secret cave that turns into some magical unicorn paradise, and as soon as the kid steps of the unicorn he leg heals. but there's a magic pond and the boy sees his mother in the pond and of course she's all sad, and knows he has to return. so he comes down the mountain, which isn't a big deal now that he was magically un-crippled, and runs to his mothers arms. and the press and everyone ask him where his unicorn is. and he, of course replies "are you crazy, there's no such thing as unicorns" and good triumphs over evil once again. the widowed mom gets together with the police man and now they won't be poor anymore. unfortunately i was doing laundry and i didn't see what happened to the carnie. maybe he died, or maybe he saw the error of his ways. who knows.

apparently this is based on a book of the same name. surely, it must be better than the movie.

i wish i had a unicorn friend. i just don't think i'm pure of heart enough. and i don't imagine unicorns like the suburbs much.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Score: 1 for resourceful teachers, 0 for kids who think they can get away with too much

Teens accused of trying to sell stolen computers
Two PVP High students allegedly tried to profit by posting equipment worth $30,000 on eBay.

In other ebay news my coat should come sat. or mon.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

"Blind Date" Makes Police Connection

I always knew they were bad people, but I didn't realize they were actually felons.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My faith in America has been restored

Thanks to a soft spoken minister from PA

'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' Exhibit Opens

I've changed my mind about Canada

Sushi Lovers Fight Fish Freezing Law

I'm too old

I am most definitely too old. After the Daily Show coverage of the election last night, I tried to watch the MTV coverage. It was not cool. Granted, at that point I just wanted to take a nice cold-drug cocktail and go to bed, but I decided to stay up a bit longer for democracy.

It was awful. I wanted to die. I don't speak "young MTV viewer" anymore, if i ever did.
Also, the hosts/reporters/people on tv were either dumb, ugly, or both. Honestly, It's MTV, you people can be as stupid as you want, but at least be attractive! Don't make your 2 hosts have bad teeth. One maybe, but not 2!!

When I was a kid, everyone on tv was reasonable attractive. or at the very least, normal looking. You people up north are lucky, you didn't have to look at the prop O guy. My gosh, he was hideous. It's a good thing I don't live in LA proper, because I would have voted against clean water, just because of that horrible man on my tv.

There needs to be some kind of review board before they put strange looking people on tv. like, peer review, or something. i can be on the panel.

Even when i get over my cold, this will still seem like a good idea.

dimetapp induced ranting

I know I threatened to defect from California if an action movie star became governor. But i stuck around, knowing that i needed to rely on the state for a decent, cheap education.

But now i'm ready to leave the country for the next few years, maybe forever if the new judges that haven't been appointed yet piss me off. There are plenty of good library schools in Canada, and when you pay for them in Canadian dollars, after the exchange rate, they're not so expensive. I bet Canada is perfectly nice, albeit rather cold.

I'm looking forward to my new life of drinking absinthe, buying cheap prescription drugs and making maple syrup.

Anyone want to come with me?

My dad isn't quite ready to leave the country though. He'd prefer if all the west coast blue states just started their own damn country. And that doesn't seem like too bad of an idea. We'd have all the Washington apples and coffee; oregon lumber; california cheese, avocados we could possibly want. Also tourism money, and lots of it. Everyone will want to visit Disneyland in the new country! so what if we're lacking all of the middle america factories for things like packaged food. we'll just have to buy more snacks from the 98cent store. i've always been california-centric, i won't miss anything east of california. i won't even miss anything east of knott's berry farm. who needs the south when you can have mrs. knott's fried chicken and biscuts. i promise to be a fair and just queen.

it's a damn good thing the auction for the coat i want on ebay ends today. buying a new coat will probably suitably placate me and i'll forget all this nonsense. it sure is great being a girl.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Some of you know, I have a rather embarassingly large collection of s'mores figurines that started with a single purchase during the summer of 2001.

these things are damn cute, i mean look at this turkey, who wouldn't love that? and this bunny .

but they've gone a step too far with the smores nativity. really, those people are going to hell forever. if i was god i'd turn their children into marshmallows and see how they like it. i may go to hell forever if i buy it, and it's $20. but it might be worth it.

God bless those girls scouts who first published the recipe back in 1927. i'm sure they never could have imagined what smores would turn out to be.

in other smore news i saw this in the target toy book this sunday. Instead of one of those expensive burner things, why not pay $10 less, and get a far inferior product. just get a plastic flame and a lightbulb and make smores like you'd used an easy bake oven. (lightbulb not included, of course)

Thank goodness, it's about time

Low-Carb Food Sales Slow as American Craze Cools

Maybe now we can all start eating like normal people again. I *heart* carbs

Happy Nov 2

So, I'm going to vote in about 6 hrs.

I'm still undecided about props 60, 62, 69 and 72. if anyone wants to convince me, I'm wide open. also, i have no way to make an informed decision on judges.

your opinion matters! my vote counts!

Monday, November 01, 2004

More Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty turns 30