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Monday, September 20, 2004

Cinderella Story

So, I didn't check the new $3 theater listings until after I got home from work on friday, or I would have added the Hilary Duff Cinderella Story movie to my list of weekend things that only I care about.

So, after going to CSU Dominguez Hills (surprisingly about 20 mins from my house, who knew?) and paying for parking, only to find that their online library catalog lies, and they don't have the journal I'm looking for, I went to the early showing of Cinderella story or whatever it's called.
I went in not expecting a great movie, and that's exactly what i got. i was entertained though, although, unlike the Lizzie McGuire movie, i wouldn't buy it on video, even if i found it on clearance for $6. Also, quite possibly some of my enjoyment came from the 32oz blue icee that I couldn't stop myself from buying. 32oz is a lot of icee. Even though they often burn the popcorn in that theater, the icees are still perfect.

I'd like to make a few comments.:

Unlike the poster, in no place does Hilary Duff wear a wedding dress with pink converse sneakers, although she does wear both separately.

Hilary Duff's dream is to go to princeton, because when she was little her dad told her his dream was for her to go to college and the following dialogue happened:
Little Hilary: where do princesses go to college?
Dad: Hmmm, I suppose they go where the princes go.... Princeton
i don't know what i didn't think of that

Instead of dropping her shoe at the ball she drops her cell phone, and chad michael murry is too dumb to call any of the numbers on the phone and ask who the phone belongs to

This movie is another one where the protagonist wears only a small mask over her eyes and no one recognizes her

The most annoying part was they kept mentioning there was a drought. Every morning during school announcements, when watering the lawn, at the car wash etc. I could not figure out why they were beating me over the head with this freaking drought *warning spoiler (like i believe anyone cares)* so 5 minutes from the end Hilary tells c. m. murray "waiting for you is like waiting for rain in the drought" and guess what! 2 minutes later he goes to apologize, and it starts to... rain! and the valley rejoices. and then i felt like an idiot, not seeing it coming from the first mention of drought. But what was more idiotic was that it was pouring down rain in a Hilary Duff movie and they didn't use her rain song. That made no sense at all.

stay tuned for the next review of a Hilary Duff movie. It should be at the $3 theater in a few months. I don't understand the obsession with entertainment about performing arts schools. I just saw the Julia Stiles one on cable a few weeks ago. It was bad.


  • At September 20, 2004 11:40 PM, Blogger lydia said…

    (to be read in an enthusiastic voice): gosh that sounds like a horrible movie.

    I'd rather watch Princess Diaries 2, and I probably will eventually, after it comes out on DVD, either with my (10 year old) sister or (20something year old) co-worker/friend Debbie.


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