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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Best Coat Ever

This is the best coat ever, after the last coat I bought, because that one was pretty great too.

Best Coat Ever

I didn't buy this one yet, because I already have a dress coat. But this one is more versitile. It can be an all season coat while my other one is definitely for winter. And it fits me perfectly. 3/4 sleeves my ass, they're exactly the right length on me! and the waist is in the right place and everything. It's such a pretty coat.

I want this coat. If you ever see it on sale, call me immediately. Do not leave the store if they have it in large. Either color will do, but I prefer the lighter one.

If you know anyone who works for Arden B and can get me an employee discount I will do what I can to make it worth their while.

It's so pretty.


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