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Friday, September 17, 2004

Donut dream

I tried to blog about the apprentice last week, but it got too long and i just deleted the whole thing. I'll keep it shorter this week. i promise.

seriously, how can a group of women be so bad at selling ice cream? they love ice cream. i know i do! it's because, when put in a group and put on tv, they can't help but turn into stereotypes. we learned this last night and last week. women over analyze, talk to much and worry about their feeling too much. Boys, we learn, are dumb. but when it comes to a selling task, they're right on. honestly, crustacean nation. that's ridiculous.

anyway, the whole reason for this post is this:

apprentice ice cream

I wish I didn't have so much to do this weekend. I would definitely go. maybe someone will go in my stead.

In other ice cream news. I tried that jack-in-the-box shake. it was exactly what i was expecting, but not as good as i was hoping. what is it about fast food shakes that make them all taste the same? the chocolate covered malt nuggets were worth trying though. and there's a promotion now, you get a free "chilly" jack antenna ball when you buy any shake.

also, if anyone wants to see Todd Parr with me, I'll be at the borders in torrance sunday afternoon.


  • At September 17, 2004 6:19 PM, Blogger Kenny said…

    I'm not sure what point your making about the toys; crustacean nation was a load of shit. I laughed out loud when Harvard boy said he's always been fascinated by crustaceans. You and no one else, buddy. That idea carried only because no one had anything better.

    The only thing worse than c.n. was that moronic football player head that the other guy forced on the women. The Mattel guys probably made up the story about a failed "similar product" just to put the brakes on that train before the inevitable derailing. however, the morph-o-whatever R/C car that they ended up making was awesome.

  • At September 17, 2004 6:21 PM, Blogger Kenny said…

    I mean "you're," not "your"!! I swear, that's never happened to me before!

  • At September 17, 2004 10:05 PM, Blogger C said…

    i thought i made my point pretty clear. and even if i didn't, i think everyone pretty much knows my feelings. girls, often annoying and stupid in groups, especially on tv. but boys, boys are dumb.


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