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Friday, September 24, 2004

The Longest Yard

So, my super sleuthing skills helped me figure out what they're filming at Alondra park. Well, maybe it was more of my reading craigslist and the daily breeze skills. I was on the verge of stopping by one day when they weren't filming and reading all the reserved parking signs and figuring it out that way.

It turns out they're not filming at Alondra park, where all the trailers are kept, they're filming at the adjacent El Camino College football field.

Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds and some wrestling guys are starring in the remake of The Longest Yard. Not that i've ever heard of it. but apparently it's about prisoners who are in a football team, while they're in prison. and apparently this is based on reality, where our tax dollars are funding this? i haven't checked into it yet, but my dad claims it's real.

Anyway, allows you the exciting opportunity to stand around all day in the hot sun in exchange for free lunch and the chance to be in the same football field as the aforementioned stars.

So, mystery 1 is solved.

Now, for filming mystery 2.

They're filming something in the bottom of the DelAmo mall near the information desk, where the book store used to be. There are a bunch of christmas decorations slapdashedly taped up and half a giant christmas tree. the bottom half. I thought it was a bit early for christmas decorations, but you know, they get put up earlier and earlier every year. then i noticed a sign that said crew. and then a sign that said, please excuse the inconvienence while we're filming. I'm pretty sure that a prison-football movie wouldn't involve christmas at the mall. But I could be wrong.

If I wasn't such an airhead I would have walked 20 steps out of my way and asked what was happening at the info desk. maybe next week.

Del Amo Mall has been featured in the classic movies "valley girl" and "jackie brown" along with some movie I never learned the name of although someone gave me the impression that it was a christmas movie. They used the outside part of the former Montgomery Ward and changed the name to ABC Electronics.

Following the the footsteps of it's older brother, the SouthBay Galleria, just down the street, is trying hard to break into show biz too. After being the site of a JFK speech (i can't confirm this as i wasn't born, but my mom claims it's true, but she gives a lot of bad information), by the real JFK, not some actor playing him, it eventually became a mall. It was featured in no less than 2 episodes of the disney channel show "even stevens" and that commercial for something, twix maybe, that involved the guy on the escalator who gets his pants eaten off by the escalator, but he's so into the product they're selling that he doesn't care.


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