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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Starfish and Coffee

In 1987 Prince released a song called Starfish and Coffee on his Sign O’ the Times album.

You’d think I’d have heard of a song that features a girl with my first and middle name. But no, I was looking through Ross, not paying any attention to the music when I hear my name in a cover of the song.

Pretty sure that I’m mis-hearing the lyrics, I eventually look the song up. Sure enough, it’s Starfish and Coffee… and the chorus is:

Starfish and coffee
Maple syrup and jam
Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine
And a side order o’ ham
If you set your mind free, baby
Maybe you’d understand
Starfish and coffee
Maple syrup and jam

So, I listen and I decide that it’s about a super cool non-conformist that everyone loves.

According to the internet, if you believe the internet, it’s actually about an autistic girl that Prince really knew…. Not quite as cool, but possibly one to learn for karaoke.