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Thursday, March 31, 2005


2 psuedo-famous people died today. One I care about much more than the other.

Thanks to Lydia for informing me that the only professor I ever really talked to, Alan Dundes, died yesterday. I probably gave him my best work too, which is unfortunate, because it wasn't for my major.

Say what you will about his work. Yes it's often trite, or oversimplistic or just too damn Freudian in a time when most people have decided Freud was little more than a convincing hack. But he was very entertaining, the sort of man who'd be fantastic at parties. Behind Joseph Campbell, and that chick they get on that TLC urban legends show, he's the only other famous folklorist I can think of (Read: care about). I love randomly seeing him on tv. And I loved reading about him in that UC Berkeley news email I get every day that I can't for the life of me figure out how I signed up for.

He loved his folklore, and he died on his feet doing what he loved. And I'm glad for that. One semester he fell and slipped a disc in his back. He was out of class for like a month or two. The replacement prof was cool, and was versed in the school of Alan Dundes, but she didn't have his energy. I could tell how glad he was to get back to his lecturing, he was up at that podium even when he could barely walk. I hope he meets Freud in that giant cocktail party in the sky. They can have a grand old time talking about sports = gay sex.

More famous, for less good of a reason, is that other chick. I'm afraid to post her name for fear of freaks finding it and turning my blog from pink and happy to an ugly hate fest.

Thank goodness the court decided to stay out of it. Lets just hope congress doesn't go and decide to change the laws after this so the courts will have power. It's a good think I'm planning to die young, beautifully, quickly and tragically, wearing a bed jacket. (although I'd better start working on that now, because I'm only getting older)

I just don't know what people are thinking. I don't trust the government with my money, I'm certainly not going to trust them with my life and/or lack thereof.

Also, why is she so damn famous?? People freaking die all the time. HMOs kill people every day. Thousands of people died in Indonesia, but 2 days later it's no longer a top story. Meanwhile people won't shut up about this chick. I'm going to stop my rant now before it really starts because nothing good can come of it. Anyway, I hope she doesn't disturb Dundes and Freud at their cocktail party.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

timely news

After about a year of helplessly digging through my purse to find my phone every time I needed to know what time it was, I finally bought a watch. yea! And I'm very much satisfied. function and fashion all in one. see it here

I have a thing about watches, I guess. If I think about it for too long I find it really constricting to have something strapped to my wrist. If I had seen my watch in person, I probably would have decided it was a bit too fat. But since I bought it for cheap off ebay, I didn't see it first. And, actually, it's not too fat.

The feature of this watch is that one side is the time and the other side you can flip around and it's a picture of barbie. "wow, cool" I think as I place my bid. "hmmm, kinda lame" I think, as I put the watch on and try to flip it. I can actually get it to flip when I'm wearing it, but it requires a bit more prodding than it should. And really, why would I wear something that is obviously a watch, but pretend it's not.

So, I have a very respectable watch with a nice clear face and a pink-purple second hand. And it has the barbie hidden detail on the back. I think Stacy and Clinton (of what not to wear) would be very proud of me, they love hidden detail things and funky lining. As for my ugly ass clog shoes, we seem to be almost at the point where I can ditch them for my sandals again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


One of the French ladies at work gave me some french candy: Krema. Krema batna has a picture of a leopard on front and is licorice flavored. Krema regalad has a lemon and is lemon flavored. I imagine that krema caramel is caramel flavored, it only has a decorative swoosh for a picture.

I tried the cat one first, because i was curious if it was cat flavored. I asked the lady who gave it to me, and she said she didn't know the word in english. alta vista doesn't recognize batna as a word. so, i stick the candy in my mouth. turns out it'd licorice flavored, but not in a bad way. it was actually pretty good, mild and the candy itself is a bit creamy, like a white rabbit candy (but not nearly as sweet). i'm eating this candy and the candy giver comes up to me with her french-british dictionary and shows me the word. she doesn't know what it is. and in her dictionary they've somehow inserted a q into the word licorice. liquorish? something like that. so we all learn a new word for the day and i start thinking about acculuration. She's been living in America for at least 4 years. she obviously likes this candy. you'd think after a little while you'd want to find something American that was similar. And after I told her a little about licorice, she didn't seem any more familiar with the concept. i'm still a bit perplexed.

Last week when I bought my regular priced peeps doll, i brought it back to the office, very proud of myself. and, like no one knew what it was. In America they've had peeps for 50 years. It's something I take for granted that everyone knows, like baseball and apple pie. So i spent a few minutes explaining to half my department what peeps were. but really, how do you effectively describe them: they're marshmallow, covered in colored sugar and in the shape of bunnies and chicks. and they're cute. so when this year they started with the merchandising for the first time ever i was very excited. no I don't even really like eating them, the sugar crunches too much--not very effective if you don't share the same background.

yesterday i went to target, mostly unsuccessfully, trying to buy peeps dolls for half off. So I pass by the $1 section and I see a bunch of crap. and in that crap there are off brand post-it notes in the shape of a computer. and written on the screen is "luv 2 blog."

hmm, i think, and almost pick the things up until i realize that they are horrible and i think about blogs too much. but i know there is a whole army of early teen aged girls who own these post-its and use them and give them to their friends who also blog. it kinda creeps me out.

then I get all excited because they actually have the blue icee (apparently it's shark tale themed). and my co worker, who did not move to America until she was fully grown was shocked that i liked them. Her daugher wanted one last week (probably because of the color she deduces) but tasted it and hated it. so she tasted it and thought it tasted like chlorine. Apparently until last week this 34 year old had never had a blue icee! this is not really a concept I can fathom. I didn't get a chance to quiz her on her icee habits in general. so she asked me what it tasted like, and I know it's called blue raspberry, but that's a completely fake flavor and it just tastes blue, but really, it tastes like my childhood.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy belated Easter!

Bunny Man!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hair Porn

i've been looking at my hair a lot lately. it's kinda hard to miss it. and
i think i'm itching for a change. every time there's a student haircutting
ad on craiglist i hover for a min etc.

then, yesterday on ebay, i think i found my answer. i was searching on
"barbie" as i often do. and there it was. hair porn, or maybe it's haircut porn. watch barbie someone-or-another get her beautiful long hair cut, complete with before, during and after. this video is over an hour long. from what i can tell, no nudity is involved (after all, wouldn't that be a selling point). It's just a girl getting her hair cut. And, there's a whole series of it. i don't know who buys this stuff. but, i'm not trying hard to find out.

There must be some kind of money in it. It's not like real porn where you
can have sex over and over and over again. pretty much, you cut your hair
once, and you're stuck for like 10 yrs.

If anyone knows how I can get into hair porn, please let me know. There may
be another trip to the valley in my future.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rain, rain, don't go away quite yet

So, apparently yesterday's rain made it the 2nd most rainy season in LA. The season runs July-June.

We're 2.41 inches away from having the most rain in recorded history. I was way over rain a few weeks ago. Each time the water started coming from the sky I took it personally. But I think I can stand another 2.411 inches. It'll be a good story to tell my imaginary grandchildren.

Come on retarded weather system, you can do it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sexy Librarians

I guess even librarians aren't immune to the retarded-ass lawsuit bug
Librarian Sues Harvard Over 'Pretty' Bias

Her picture is attached to the story. She ain't that pretty. and her credentials are fine, but hardly spectacular for a Harvard librarian. She doesn't even have a doctorate, she only has 2 masters degrees. 2 masters degrees (1 in library science, 1 in another subject) or a doctorate (in library science) is currently the MINIMUM requirement for a regular UC Librarian. you mostly have to have the doctorate to have the higher postions

And you find librarians in strange places:

*if this was a movie anyone was actually going to watch, and if the plot wasn't so standard, there would be spoilers below*

This weekend the Extremely Goofy Movie was on the Disney channel, so I watched it while I was making cupcakes. A quick imdb search tells me this was a direct to video movie released in 2000. For a straight to video movie, it was actually good. I never watched the goof troop, or the first movie based on the goof troop show, so this was entirely new to me. Goofy, the doting father is sad to see his son, Max, go off to college. Max, ever the teenager, packs everything up and rushes out of the house on move in day, leaving only his favorite squeaky bear toy behind, the last remnant of his childhood that goofy has. Distracted by the end of an era, goofy gets fired from his job and can't get a new one because he only finished 3 years of college, and all jobs now require a degree.

so, on day two of college, or whatever, goofy shows up at max's dorm and moves in down the hall. much embarassment ensues over things like forcing max to wake up early to eat breakfast, and since goofy hasn't been in college since the 70's he somehow things that's how college kids dress and shows up to class wearing a leisure suit and afro wig (even though he dressed perfectly normal before)

so goofy and max are studying at the library, and max's friends want him to ditch the dead weight so they can go skateboard. so max marches goofy up to the librarian to get a library card so goofy will be distracted enough so max can slip away.

they walk up to the mousy, brainy head librarian, Miss Marpole (voiced by everyone's favorite Bebe Neuwirth), who gives a little speech about being versed in all library policy blah, blah, blah. she obviously doesn't get much attention. and then she gets very excited when she hears someone actually wants a library card. Ignoring the fact that the head librarian of a university would never have that sort of job, or advertise the fact that she knows all there is to know about checking out books etc as opposed to research-- anyway she gets much better right about now. as she's handing over the form to goofy, he asks about her "genuine mood ring" and of course goofy is wearing one too. and the reminisce about the good old days. and then goofy asks her out! and of course mousy librarian transforms into a sexy disco diva, and they dance the night away. (later there's another date where fondue is in the background. it's a pretty good touch because attention isn't really called to it) then they end up walking through the park, or something and goofy, being dumb like all boys, is too lame to make any moves, and she finally sits him down on the park bench and kisses the boy. Way to go mousy librarian!

as far as positive librarian images go, i think this one is up there, except for that brief know-it-all part in the beginning she may be the best librarian who doesn't fight vampires.

anyway, i'm sure you're all dying to know the ending. goofy graduates after a year, still dating the librarian. Max has 3 yrs left to go, and we all believe that now he can handle it on his own. we all learn a valuable lesson about family support and focusing on your goals. and everything works out in the end.

oh yeah, there's also the main plot about some extreme sports competition. but what do i care about dumb boy things?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Just in time for Easter

Cute dog and chick

Still cute, even though he could snap that little bird's neck in a second

Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh, good gosh

Woman Paid Invisible 'Mermaids' Airfare

The not pure of heart should really stick to dealing with things of this world.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

What the world needs now is cupcakes, sweet cupcakes

The world doesn't need more cupcakes, it just needs a better cupcake distribution. I see those sad cupcakes on the day old shelf in the supermarket with their frosting getting all gross and runny. They are crying, because it is the job of a cupcake to make people happy, and if they can't do it, they are failures. Cupcakes want to bring joy to all the land. they're a symbol of all that's good and right with the world. They're like rainbow brite or something. Really, I just need more cupcakes in my life. Not that I think I'm too skinny and need to eat cupcakes on a daily basis, quite the opposite really.

The thing is, I'm not quite ready to be fully grown up. I have a few suits, but still giggle when I put them on. He, he, he I'm playing grown up today...And while I'm quite happy that I've been legally allowed to go into bars for a few years now, the abundance of alcohol doesn't make up for the lack of cupcakes.

Today is just one of those days that separates kids from older people. Kids celebrate random holidays with cupcakes or at least those cookies with colored sugar and lets not forget that horrible punch they sell in the gallon containers that is basically crack (i hate it, it's awful and makes me cough, but i can't get enough). Whole classrooms turn colors for things like v-day, st. patrick, memorial day etc. it's these minor holidays that really make a difference what age you are. cupcakes, apparently, just don't cut it in the real world. instead you go to work, devoid of spirit, a majority of the people in my office aren't even wearing green. There are no baked goods. quite possibly, the only communal sweets are the easter chocolates i keep on my desk. then, some of these people will head to a retardedly crowded bar, drink some beer (which may or may not be the color beer should be) and they'll enjoy it. And, I say, this is because these people have no youthful enthusiasm. No imagination: oh, it's a holiday... ok, lets drink.

Y'all know I have no problems with the act of going to bars, and I certainly enjoy drinking. But why can't cupcakes be incorporated somehow? Drinking is all fine and good on a normal day, but for these psuedo-holidays things need to be stepped up a notch. I know that beer and cake are pretty disgusting together, but that's beside the point. Plenty of other things are disgusting together, like margaritas and salt, but that's never stopped anyone.

If you're lucky enough to have cupcakes around you today, have one for me. And if not, know that you're not alone, drowning your cupcake sorrows in a creepy green pint.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My card to y'all

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Toast news

British team breaks record for world's largest toast mosaic

Maybe they'll post a picture soon.

ain't no other hope in this whole world

last night i had the strangest dream. I don't know what my problem is, but the older i get, the fewer dreams i remember. Am i losing my childlike imagination completely?? that would make me very sad.

I was taking a class on my elementary school campus. first some mean PE lady made me play basketball with a bunch of middle school kids. Then the same lady led us into the classroom, which was not quite adult sized, but possibly bigger than elementary school sized. I was very upset, because, for some reason, i needed this class, and I did not want to deal with the mean PE lady. the class was about 20 people, sitting in two long rows. about half senior citizens, and half middle school kids. I was the only one my age. then the real teacher walks in, and it's my favorite librarian. In my mind, I know he's still a librarian and he's teaching the class for fun, or charity or something. I'm very concerned about fitting in with the children. Before I see that Mr. Librarian is the teacher, I start thinking of all the things in my wardrobe that will make me look younger, cartoon shirts, pink things etc. but when i see who the teacher is, I'm glad I'm dressed appropriately.

I don't really know what the class is about, my librarian brings out some jewelry. There's a costume bracelet, and a few other things. Then he starts talking about this pink thing, it's a broach or a pendant or something. He owns it, and just wanted the kids to learn about geology, and see a real rock. It's a 2k pink diamond surrounded in tons of little pink diamonds (thinking about it now, 2k isn't really that big, it's healthy, but certainly not big enough to cause me to do dumb things. but whatever, it's more than i have now. and pink). i'm not sure that anything like that exists in the world. the kids weren't too excited, they dont' know the value of crap. the old people were definitely interested. but i couldn't contain myself. I was so in awe of this jewelry in front of me that I asked him to marry me, in front of the whole class. He kind of stammered and took back the diamonds and changed the subject.

that was pretty much the dream. even in my dreams I can't get boys to like me!!! See why girls shouldn't make the first move, they're too easily distracted by shiny rocks.

...a princess and a bride, two things [I'll] never be...

Last night I had the strangest dream
The war was over but i had no peace
The moon was waning so it wasnt the beams
Its just a dream but i have no peace
I eavesdropped on my masters they said that

last night we had the strangest dream
it was disturbing, oh what does it mean?
monkey in a turban, oh what does it mean?
last night we had the strangest dream
we better go to the mayor then we drove

downtown to have a talk with the mayor
he told my masters, uh, cant you see?
what we have here is a prophecy
cross your fingers people say a prayer
im not a religious dog but i say that

Better pray for the girls
Better pray for the girls
Aint no other hope in this whole world

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Belated LA Marathon rant

I am a bad person. That's fine. I can deal with that.

What I can't deal with are marathons. 26.2 miles of running? stupid. and because of my disdain, i'm not going to bother with searching for facts any longer than a few seconds. so here's how it goes:

2005 marks the 20th anniversary of the la marathon. I never paid attention before, but I always figured it had been going on since forever. but no, it's younger than me. 20 years is hardly an institution. i say cancel the damn thing.

in 2004 45,000ish people participated. i can only imagine the 2005 numbers were higher. they estimate the race will bring in 60 million dollars for the city because of hotels, food, shopping, parking etc. that's about 1,300 per person. i can't easily find the number of volunteers who are giving their time for free but I'll be conservate and knock the number down to $1,000 raised per person involved. that seems like a lot until you run some numbers.

I don't know much about training, but I know you can't just go and run a marathon. You have to practice. I'll estimate 1 hour a day for a year is spent training for this thing. so, each runner/walker/bicyclist/wheelchair person, will spend about 365 hrs of their year wasted, that's 16,425hrs wasted. if they worked at an average of $15-20/hr for that time that's $5,475-7,300 or what $246million, my calculator doesn't go that high. I have no idea what can be done with 16,425 hrs or those millions of dollars. but i can bet it could be really good. honestly people, spend your time and money curing cancer, solving the worlds problems, bringing peace to all lands.

and let's not forget all the lost productivity due to major roads being closed for a day.
the other thing no one ever mentions is all the freaks who didn't spend enough time training and need medical help along the way. trained medical personel are lined up along the race route waiting for someone to faint. the serious ones are taken to our already crowded hospitals, clogging up the emergency room for people who have real emergencies. I hope the guy who invented the marathon has a heart attack on race day, and then dies, because he can't get to the hospital. Let those people die, I say. We're much better off without the runners.

Is running 26.2 miles an accomplishment. Yes, probably, I certainly have never done and and definitely coudln't do it. But, I also have never felt the need to climb a mountain, have a kid, do something to get in the guiness book of records etc. Does your 26 mile accomplishment make the world a better place. Absolutely not. There is so much more productive stuff to do with your time. You know what a real accomplishment would be, figuring out how to make LA traffic better-- not closing down streets to make it worse!

Oh, and who's the major sponsor for the marathon? Honda. the people who make cars, and other forms of motorized transportation. should they really be encouraging people to not drive? isn't that bad for business?

Oh yes, there's an entrance fee for the race, so you can get your goodie bag covered in sponsor logos and products. You are not allowed to run on the public street unless you pay the fee. Every other day of the year it's free. Race day, pony up the cash, or you'll be kicked out.

For gosh sakes people, get over yourselves! go run 26 miles on your own street, if you really feel the need. It doesn't make it any less worthy (if you're the sort of person who defines your worth by running).

The same goes for charity events. The LA Marathon fools people into thinking it's a worthy cause, because other run/walks are, but it's not. Let's take breast cancer, for example though. This girl in my office participated. She got donations, and walked her little heart out, and has a crappy medal on a pink ribbon to show for it. Think of all the time it takes to coordinate something like that. And all the time (albeit less than the la marathon) the participants train. If they channeled their energy into something more scholarly, or at least something that would make money, they'd be much better off.

I love it when they sell you those pieces of paper at the grocery store, for chairty. The paper costs a penny or two (and I don't even fill it out, so I don't waste a penny) and I gladly make my $1 donation to which ever charity is the one of the moment. Everyone goes to the grocery store, awareness is automatic, advertising is free. If i was in a less lazy mood, i'd try to find numbers on that. But I'll just assume they rake in the money, and with very little effort on anyone's part. This should be the fundraising trend of the future. When I'm queen, it will in fact, be mandatory. marathons will be outlawed and anything that that closes the streets will have to be approved by my new street closing councils. you'd better darn well have a good reason for anything besides road work and parades in my honor.


After class on Saturday, I stopped by the 99 cent store which is a few
blocks away. It's a very nice store, with rather well groomed, pleasant
shoppers. And, unlike my traitorous 98 cent store, they've kept their
prices the same for all of eternity. My goal was lipton noodle soup and
bagels, of course that's not all I bought. In addition to the unauthorized VHS bio of J.K. Rowling there was the cajeta elegancita.

Usually I don't bother picking up things that are written in Spanish, but Hershey was prominently on the wrapper, and it looked good. It was a wafer cookie/candy, but unlike a kit kat which has a thick layer of milk chocolate trapping in the wafery goodness, there was a thin layer of chocolate, and a decorative in consequential drizzle on top. I had no idea what was in this candy bar, but the ingredients were written in english as well as Spanish, and they seemed pretty standard. so for 33 cents, i took the gamble. And it was good, wafery and hazel nutty. And i read the wrapper again, hazel nuts aren't listed an an ingredient. So, I go home, and like a product of the internet age, check the internet. It turns out in mexico Cajeta is "a type of dulce de leche, a very sweet, caramelized condensed milk" made from goat's milk. but, in a number of the rest of the Spanish speaking countries it "is a vulgar term for a certain delicate part of the female anatomy."

He, he, he, I just ate a dirty candy bar. But, mostly, my concern is why does this goat milk product taste like hazel nut? What kind of goats do they have in Mexico? And, i could have easily missed it, but I don't remember goat's milk being on the ingredient list.

I don't really know what I ate, but it was good, and I recommend it. I'll definitely stop by in 2 weeks when I have to go back to school, and buy more.

Bowler fined for sex misconduct with maiden

I don't quite understandthis article. And I have no idea who this guy is. But the words, and especially the headline, amuse me very much.

I somehow doubt the validity of calling this girl a maiden though. Maidens enchant unicorns. Jezebels get caught on tape being involved in "misconduct."

Oh no!

I totally forgot to celebrate Pi Day yesterday.

Actually, that's okay. As much as I like presents, I don't really need any math related ones.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I've tried to ignore it. but I can't anymore. What is up with that horribly ugly new girl in the yahoo ads, her giant red-orange lips, and scrunched up scowl, head tilt, and disasterous floral shirt. it's almost enough to keep me from checking my email. I may have to post all correspondence to my blog and hope that the people I'm trying to reach check. But of course, if they're anywhere as offended as I am about this new chick, maybe they'll have more free time, because they won't be checking their email either.

I thought it was bad when they changed the page to have a picture of that normal girl. I thought I'd get tired of looking at her pretty quick. But at least she's not ugly. Is that the plan? to make us appreciate her, but bombarding us with banner after banner of ugly scrunched up face chick?

I may have to write a complaint letter to yahoo. I guess now is a good time to consider actually using my gmail for more than storage.

Web Gems

Who wants to do my homework for me?

The assignment is to post a link to your favorite information giving websites that everyone and their mother hasn't heard of. This is a rather loose definition, because, apparently, some people haven't heard of craigslist.

and seems to be very popular in the library community

I feel like all i need to do is go through some of Zack's old posts for something informative. I'll probably get to that later today.

I'm definitely posting but please, post something a bit more meaty, or bizarre, if you know anything offhand.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

All the women in Cuba get presents

what about me??

Chinese Rice Cookers: Women's Day Gift from Castro

although I think, maybe, their priorities are a bit skewed:

The 78-year-old leader spent two hours talking about the merits of pressure cookers.

Craft Corner Deathmatch

Oh, goodness! Never have I wanted to be in New York more, or at least watch the Style Channel.

Read the fantastic NY Times article here

and the not so great, although much shorter reuters article here

competitors had given themselves nasty, if minor, cuts. "Which is fantastic," Mr. Taberski said, his eyes lighting up. "The fact that someone drew blood on a crafting show? It's exactly what the show should be."

UPDATE: I think that both Lydia and I were posting this at the same time. But she pressed the button a fraction of a second sooner. So she was able to post, and blogger couldn't handle a second deathmatch post at the exact same time, and decided to reject me.

I heard the commercial for this about 6:40 am when I wasn't quite awake yet. I was pretty sure I was imagining it, so I looked it up as soon as I could. And it really does exist!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another holiday I can't celebrate

It's international women's day, so I've been told. I've also been told that means I should get presents. Or, I would, if I lived in Europe. In Italy, apparently, random people pass out flowers to random women on the streets. (not that I want flowers from creepy Italian men). My Polish/Italian co-worker is making her husband buy her something.

So, pony up. I want presents! I accept, cash, check, pay pal, gems, and cute things from Asia.

I feel like secretary day, or whatever they call it now, will be passed by without me receiving as much as a trampled upon daisy. So be on the lookout for another selfish post around then.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh my gosh, they're trying to kill me

I'm not usually paranoid, or I should say, I'm way over my adolescent paranoia. But they're trying to kill me at work. First, my boss gives me her illness last week, and a spend a good 2-3 days with a lingering headache, no energy and the suspicion that I have a brain tumor. The brain tumor is gone, and magically I had enough energy to go to class on Sunday, after spending the good part of Saturday deciding that watching tv was too much work for me.

Now, now, oh my gosh. They've cleaned the carpets over the weekend, but didn't bother with any sort of ventilation. I walk in, the whole office is damp and smelly. Really, damp, the windows were all fogged up before I forced them to keep the door open. And it's making me sick. Surely OSHA or someone would like to hear about this???

When I go into politics, I think my platform will be sick leave. If you boss gets you sick, you should get all the paid time off you need, and it shouldn't be deducted from your normal sick leave.

Friday, March 04, 2005

it's a small world after all

I walk into belly dance class, in south torrance, last night. i was 15 mins late as usual, but the class hadn't started yet. and the girls are just sitting around talking. and i walk into class, barely even set my stuff down, and hear this:

he went to berkeley, for like a semester, but dropped out. now he works at starbucks
he got a 1600 on his SATs

I had no idea how this conversation started, but there was no doubt in my mind, who this conversation was about, so i joined the conversation "he's from torrance?" she responds, thinking i mean the high school and not the city "west" and I say "Zack F******" and she looks at me like I'm crazy, and says, yes it is indeed Zack. Her name is jessie something, it kinda sounds like heffalump. Apparently she's friends with Julia, and lives 5 doors away. and her mom is friends with Zack's mom.

I tried to restore some of your good name, Zack. I told her you were in school for longer than a semester, and now you're back. And I mentioned something about you living with Lydia. And she couldn't remember much about Lydia, but she seemed to have a very positive opinion of her.

I mentioned how I was on the phone with Lydia like 15 mins before I walked into class. and we all had a good laugh about how small the world is.

And the conversation turned to the other lady's 12 yr old son who got a 1300 on the SATs and spent the summer at Stanford learning about earthquakes, or something. So i guess I'll never find out how the conversation started.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey guys, don't die

Nearly 3 Million Metal Charms Recalled

The mostly silver-color charms, made in China, were sold in packages of two to 12 pieces for $3 to $4 at Michaels Stores from July 2002 to February 2005; at ReCollections from October 2004 to February 2005; and at Hancock Fabrics from January 2004 to January 2005.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Velvet Margarita or how I spent my Tuesday night

Y'all know I don't get out much, especially not to a real city. But yesterday was an exception. I dressed myself up in my fabulous new mod coat, and made my way to the big city.

I took the subway, and halfway through my ride I realized, I was that girl. The person I would pick out of the crowd, who was dressed a little quirky, who was sitting there reading the little prince (because i didn't spend long looking for a small book that would fit in my purse), the one who I'd wonder about, and give her a back story in my head. That definitely made me smile while we were gliding through the ghetto.

But I finally arrived in hollywood, and there were lots of sights to see,
like the world premeire of that Pacifier movie. But the best was the
Velvet Margarita

Located about 10 steps from the very disappointing Beauty Bar, this place
had everything the Beauty Bar lacked. Notably, a commitment to the theme,
and a bartender who actually knew how to make drinks. I've been trying,
unsuccessfully, for the past 20 or so hours to form words into sentences
that could describe this place. It defies all convention and logic, yet is
magically works. It's like someone's grandma's house on crack, with a
mexican flair. there's a red half and a blue half. each with their own
velvet flocked wall paper. the bathroom is lit by blacklight and candles.
The tile on the floor is the same patter as the bingo cards we played with
in high school spanish class. I *heart* novelty! Yes, this all sounds very
cool and hip and chic. Yet, no one had any attitude, and the food was very
much homestyle and hearty. My margaritas were decent and strong. why anyone would choose the beauty bar over the velvet margarita is beyond me.

The company wasn't bad either.

Also, it's been a long time since people have tried en mass to force fliers
and such into my hand. I managed to successfully avoid all of the causey ones. But I ended up with a glossy 10% off coupon to Mel's--Kenny it's all yours next time i see you.


Salivating for censorship: cable next?



oh good gosh, like I really need to own more crap. but these bunnies are so cool. I saw them in person last night. The chicks aren't quite as good.

maybe the link will work this time.

Peeps Pillows

Just Born, I love you.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This had better not be true.

One in three couples in Philippines don't know birds from the bees: official


My mom is in love with those Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. I used to be, but I've had less patience with them lately. And I just about killed myself last night, because it was so long and painful. but then, the payoff of all payoffs. Jen rejected both guys!

First at the end of the first hour she rejected, mr. retarded lip, Jean-Paul. My gosh, he was way too deformed to be on tv anyway.

Then it was pretty boy Jerry's turn. he was hot, but a bit to pretty for me. they waited until the second hour, they showed the proposal and the giant diamonds. and she said "wait until the live show, and if you still love me, then ask again" and sheepishly, he started to ask again, and she totally rejected him! it was fantastic! completely worth all the crap that lead up to it!
so, once again jen is alone. and i'm sure jerry, with his gallery in la somewhere is being swamped by girls.

they really need to let me on this damn show. it would be the funnest thing, rejecting 25 guys in a row. and i wouldn't freaking cry. maybe fox will make a show for me. they're bit meaner than ABC.

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How I would love for this to describe me, lucky Trista:

...married in December 2003 in a televised and very pink ceremony financed by ABC

I'm a Barbie girl

Oh my gosh! Hilary Duff is in a new Barbie commercial-- Like I need an excuse.

Meanwhile, yesterday, $100 worth of stuff came in the mail yesterday, in this giant box. It was so fun! Does anyone need a thousand or so packing peanuts?

In other good news, they've started playing Smurfs on channel 13 at 7am on weekdays. awesome!